Marine RulesEdit

Please read the rules first before editing or commenting. Follow our rules to avoid any misunderstanding and to better use or this wiki.

Follow these rules on the Marine Wiki:

  1. Respect other editors.
  2. Do not vandalize current articles. Continued vandalism will result in a block.
  3. No sockpuppeting, or creating other users for yourself.
  4. No spamming.
  5. No inserting false information. 
  6. Please don't start Edit wars. If you and another user can't agree on a point, take it into their talk page. If an edit war continues, there's a high chance the page will be protected.
  7. When making extremely minor edits, please do it while in the process of making a larger edit (Note: Pages are watched by users, and it's annoying when you get notifications over extremely minor edits).


On the chat, you must not cuss. Remember, the chat is for socializing only! If you must speak about wiki issues, do it dduring PM or in the forums.


For certain reasons, you may only post up to 2 random comments per day! Other comments must only be to help others. Wikia Contributors should not comment unless it is for help or helping others.

Here are some other words you can use instead of cursing:

1.Dear Neptune

2. What the Clams

3. What in the Atlantic


When it comes to blogs, you should not comment on a post after the discussion has clearly ended. Please do not make to many useless blog posts, even though you can every once in a while.

Manual of StyleEdit

  • Each page on animals should have the template:animalbox included.
  • Any page on location should have at least a map to show the location.
  • See more on Guide for a Young Marine Biologist