One of the largest aquariums, and one of the best rated aquariums. The Monterey Bay Aquarium was founded in 1984. They have led the way in ocean life research, having explored many of the depths of the sea from their research center. They have been the first to exhibit many animals including the Great White Shark and Vampire Squid. According to TripAdvisor and USA Today, this aquarium is the best in the world and notably the inspiration for the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta.



It is located on the site of a former sardine cannery on Cannery Row of the Pacific Ocean shoreline in Monterey, California, United States. It is right on the sea side, and even pumps water from the bay to get water in the exhibits, though filtered.

Marine Research Edit

The staff at the aquarium frequently works in field research out in the sea on various animals such as Great White Sharks and sea otters. They do this to better understand the creatures, and years of this has led to great experience in taking care of the animals in the best way for the animals and guests. The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) takes time in studying deep sea animals in the Monterey Canyon. They have maintained a close relationship, and have learned a lot about the sea.

Techniques Edit

The aquarium is widely renown for its ability to care for animals that can't be kept in many other aquariums, like Giant Kelp and, for a temporary amount of time, the Great White Shark. The aquarium keeps their incredible Kelp Forest exhibit open to natural sunlight, and uses a wave simulator to give the kelp the surge of water it needs. Also, unfiltered seawater from the bay is pumped into every exhibit, which helps gives difficult filter feeders zooplankton, instead of having to take time to teach the animals to hand feed. Also, in their Open Oceans exhibit, the aquarium keeps the pelagic animals not to accidentally bump into the walls and injure themselves by unleashing a veil of bubbles (it acts as a visual barrier) at night. By using these unique ideas to care for their animals, they've been able to be very successful.


  1. Giant Pacific Octopus This link is on the animal, not the exhibit.
  2. The Jellies Experience
  3. Kelp Forest
  4. Life on the Bay
  5. Mission to the Deep
  6. Monterey Bay Habitats
  7. Open Sea
  8. Rocky Shore
  9. Sandy Shore & Aviary
  10. Sea Otters This link is on the animal, not the exhibit.
  11. The Secret Lives of Seahorses
  12. Splash Zone & Penguins

Video TourEdit

Quick Walkthrough - Monterey Bay Aquarium 2013

Quick Walkthrough - Monterey Bay Aquarium 2013


Featured AnimalsEdit

Ocean Sunfish Otters
Sardine Bat ray
Hammerhead shark Mahi-mahi

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Monterey Bay Aquarium Official Site

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