Built in 2005, The Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the world. It has many tanks and exhibits featuring one in a kind animals scarcly found anywhere else in the world.



The Georgia Aquarium land was donated from one of their sponsers, Coca-Cola. It is in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. It is located in downtown Atlanta, near the coca-cola muesuem/factory, which is also a top tourist attraction in downtown Tampa. The aquarium is hard to access due to many long turns and directions in Atlanta, which is commonly heavy with traffic even when it's not rush hour.


The Georgia Aquarium consists of several breathtaking veiws and creatures. There are many exhibits made to hold them:

1. The Ocean Voyager- The Ocean Voyager holds many popular animals including 4 Whale Sharks and Manta Rays. It is the largest tank in the Aquarium.

2. The Georgia Explorer- The Georgia Explorer seems to consist of animals living in the shallows, or found off the coast of Georgia. It has a touchpool where you can touch many things, A sea Turtle, and even a whale!

3. Coldwater Quest- The Coldwater Quest has many artic creatures, including otters, Beluga Whales, and penguins.

4. Tropical Diver- The Tropical Diver has a reef environment with several colorful fish.

5. River Scout- The River Scout showcases fish from the Amazon River and other "Freshwater" environment. Note, this was not linked because this is not a marine habitat

6. Dolphin Tales- Dolphin Tales is all about dolphins. The Dolphin Tales exhibit is basically just dolphin shows and features the smart Bottlenose Dolphin.

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Tour the Georgia Aquarium-2


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